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Excerpted from usenet posts by Danny Keren dzk@cs.brown.edu

Here are some of the Nurnberg laws, introduced by Goering and Hitler and immediately approved on September 15, 1935.

Only people of German blood or racially related blood can be German citizens. (Jews were reduced to "state members", unable to vote).

Jews are not allowed to wave the German flag.

Jews are forbidden to marry people of German blood or to have sex with them. Also, German girls are not allowed to work as domestic servants in Jewish houses.

By a "Jew" it was meant anyone who had even a single Jewish grandparent. If he would baptize it wouldn't help; the emphasis was definitly on race and not religion. In that, the Nazis "surpassed" classical antisemitism, which considered converted Jews to be equal to Christians.

Later, additional laws were passed and Jews were removed from the education systems, meaning that Jewish children were not allowed to study in ordinary schools but in special "Jewish schools". Ditto for Jewish teachers - they could teach only at the Jewish schools.

October 29 1935: Jews are not allowed to work as pharmacists.

July 25 1938: Jews are not allowed to work as physicians.

Jews are removed from the association of art historians.

September 27 1938: Jews are not allowed to work as lawyers.

May 4 1939: Jews are not allowed to rent property.

May 11 1939: Jews are not allowed to work in the travel agency business.

This list is by no means comprehensive.

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