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The Judicial Conference has prescribed a fee for electronic access to court data, as set forth in the Miscellaneous Fee Schedules. The schedules provide that the court may exempt persons or classes of persons from the fees, in order to avoid unreasonable burdens and to promote public access to such information. Exemptions should be granted as the exception, not the rule. The exemption language is intended to accommodate those users who might otherwise not have access to the information in this electronic form. It is not intended to provide a means by which a court would exempt all users.

The following examples of persons and classes of persons who may be exempted from electronic public access fees include, but are not limited to indigents, bankruptcy case trustees, not-for-profit organizations, and voluntary ADR neutrals.

Adherence to the Judicial Conference policy for granting exemptions will be necessary for courts to receive full funding for electronic public access related services to the extent such funding is derived from fees for electronic access.

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