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This handout is an introduction to materials which are related to the European Communities that are available online. The publications described are sources for treaties, secondary legislation, case law and current information.

For online sources, always check the most recent database directories: the LEXIS/NEXIS Library Contents and Alphabetical List and the WESTLAW Database List for new files and libraries. Sometimes files are moved or deleted and the coverage may change. On LEXIS, a file may be duplicated in several libraries.


1. European Community treaties and agreements are available online on LEXIS: (Library: EUROPE, File: TREATY; and Library: WORLD, File: TREATY). These databases contain treaties establishing the European Communities, treaties amending or supplementing these treaties, and the accession treaties of new member states. The databases also include agreements and legal acts resulting from external relations maintained by the European Communities and by member states. The database coverage is from the founding treaties forward, if in force after July 1, 1979.

2. Treaties may also be found in the LEXIS Library: INTLAW (File: ECTY). This file contains European Community treaties and agreements contained in Basic Documents of International Economic Law, Current edition.

3. LEXIS Library: INTLAW (File: ECLAW) contains the CELEX database that includes European Community treaties. The CELEX database is explained in this handout under SECONDARY LEGISLATION.

4. WESTLAW (Database Identifier: CELEX-TRTY) contains treaties establishing the European Communities; accession treaties; the Single European Act; and other agreements between EC countries and non- member countries and organizations. Coverage in this database begins with treaties still in force July 1, 1979 and subsequent treaties.


1. CELEX is the legal database of the European Communities. It is an online version of the L (Legislation) and C (Information and Notices) series of the Official Journal. The database contains EC directives, regulations, proposals, and international treaties and agreements. CELEX is available through LEXIS and WESTLAW. On LEXIS, the CELEX database in its entirety can be searched in Library: INTLAW (File: ECLAW) and Library: EUROPE (File: ECLAW). This file consists of documents in full text and summary forms. Coverage includes Treaty Documents from 1979; EC Legislation from 1980; Commission Proposals from 1989; National Legislative References from 1989, and Parliament Resolutions from 1979.

2. In addition to the broad file, ECLAW, the EUROPE library also contains smaller more specific files culled from the CELEX database. For example, the LEXIS Library: EUROPE, File: LEGIS contains Commission of the European Communities Legislation from January 1980. The Library: EUROPE, File: NATPRV contains Commission of the European Communities National Provisions (citations only) from January 1989. The Library: EUROPE, File: PARLQ contains Commission of the European Communities Parliamentary Questions (keywords only) from January 1989. The Library: EUROPE, File: PREP contains Commission of the European Communities Preparatory Acts from January 1984 and Parliamentary Resolutions from June 1979.

3. LEXIS (Library: INTLAW, File: FRJO) contains the Official Journal L series in French from 1955 to date. Search terms, connectors and segment names must be searched in French.

4. WESTLAW (Database Identifier: CELEX) accesses the full CELEX database. A WESTLAW document on CELEX may be full text, a summary or an abstract, judgement, order, decisions or treaty. Use the SCOPE command on WESTLAW for coverage dates. Segmented CELEX databases on WESTLAW include: (Database Identifier: CELEX-LEG) that contains EC secondary and supplemental legislation; (Database Identifier: CELEX- PREP) that contains EC Preparatory documents and (Database Identifier: CELEX-NP) that contains National Provisions implementing directives. The April 1992 issue of the WESTLAW Password newsletter gives many helpful search tips for searching CELEX on WESTLAW. CASES

5. The following LEXIS files are identical in context: (Library: INTLAW, File: ECCASE); (Library: EURCOM, File: CASES), and (Library: EUROPE, File CASES); These files contain: the full text of European Community cases reported in European Court Reports (ECR) from 1954; European Commercial Cases (ECC) from 1978; European Human Rights Report (EHHR) from 1960; Common Market Law Reports; and unreported cases from October 1980.

6. The following LEXIS files are identical and contain European Commission decisions applying the fair competition rules under Articles 85 and 86 of the EEC Treaty from 1972: (Library: INTLAW, File: COMDEC); and (Library: EURCOM, File: CASES).

7. WESTLAW (Database Identifier: CELEX-CS) contains European Court of Justice judgements and orders, and Advocates-General opinions with coverage from 1954.


1. LEXIS (Library: EUROPE) provides files that have a combination of news, financial data, industry and product analysis, legal and regulatory information and country background. The Europe library has excellent coverage of the European Community and 1992. For example, the RAPID file contains press releases, speeches and explanations of important Commission proposals and decisions that have been made available through the Commission's Spokesman's Service. This file is updated daily. To find current events concerning Europe on LEXIS, a group file, NEWS provides the full text of sources such as The Economist, European Intelligence, Financial Times, The Independent, and the Manchester Guardian Weekly.

2. LEXIS (Library: INTLAW) contains Country Reports, Treaties, Euroscope Reports. BNA international materials such as the International Trade Reporter (Library: INTLAW, File: INTRAD) and the International Environment Reporter (Library: INTLAW, File INTENV) are excellent sources for recent international developments in the areas of trade and environmental law.

3. LEXIS (Library: WORLD) contains files with detailed information on countries in Europe, world news and business analysis information, European Communities legal and regulatory information. This library provides a global view of topics. News sources include Christian Science Monitor, Xinhua News Agency and the Toronto Star. One of the latest and comprehensive files can be found in the WORLD Library, TXTNWS file. This source provides global coverage on business and financial news from several hundred respected information sources. Coverage is from 1980.

4. The NEXIS file, INTL, is a group file that contains publications and wire services that cover foreign affairs. Individual files in this group file may also be searched. For example, the File, EER contains the European Energy Report from January 1989.

5. WESTLAW (Database Identifier: EURUPDATE) is the European Update database that covers a broad range of issues and industries such as general EC policy, economic and monetary integration, environment, banking, and intellectual property.

6. WESTLAW (Database Identifier: BNA-ITR) contains the BNA International Trade Report and BNA International Trade Daily.


7. There are several Dialog Databases on WESTLAW that may be helpful in international law research. These include: Financial Times Full (Database Identifier: FTF); Public Affairs Information Service International (Database Identifier: PAIS); D & B - European Dun's Market Identifiers (Database Identifier: EDMI); Foreign Trade & Economic Abstracts (Database Identifier: FTEA); Kompass Europe (Database Identifier: KOMPASS-E); PTX Newsletter(Database Identifier: PTS-NEWS) and PTS PROMT (Database Identifier: PTS-PROMPT).


1. On LEXIS, the Library LAWREV (File: LGLIND) contains Legal Resource Index which indexes most of the international law journals published in the United States.

2. The file, ALLREV contains the full text of selected law reviews such as the American Journal of International Law, International Legal Materials, and the Journal of International Labor and Business.

3. WESTLAW (Database Identifier: INT-TP) contains the full text of selected international law reviews that are published in the United States such as Harvard International Law Journal, Hastings International & Comparative Law Review and Columbia Journal of Transnational Law.

4. Legal Resource Index is also available on WESTLAW by using the Database Identifier, LRI.

September 1992 / Veronica Maclay / Edited by Gail Winson June 1994 / edited for GOPHER
University of California / Hastings College of the Law Library 200 McAllister Street / San Francisco, California 94102

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