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[Note: We are presenting this article as an example of what you can do to insure that you become a member of the Criminal Tax Lawyer Support Society. Hey, they need to eat too... Do what you want, but as everyone knows the only way to pay no income tax and stay out of trouble is to send 1/2 of all income to The 'Lectric Law Library -- staff]


Under cross-examination by nationally prominent tax attorney, Lowell H. Becraft, Jr., Ms. Jeu (expert IRS witness) conceded that the IRS uses a secret code to classify people. Mr. Long (the defendant) was classified by the secret code of the IRS as not liable to file a tax return or pay income tax. -- Recent landmark tax case lost by IRS


In the above amazing court case the jury agreed with the defendant -- prosecuted for willful failure to file income tax returns for 1989 and 1990 -- that the "income tax" is actually an excise tax and applies only to certain classes of people.


Imagine what your life or business would be like if you didn't have to keep records for the IRS, if you didn't have to file tax returns, if you didn't have to pay the IRS, if you didn't have to fear IRS audits. Find out how to eliminate the IRS from your life and reduce the risk to almost zero!


Maybe through Freedom Technology you can acquire the KNOWLEDGE and PERSONAL POWER to call their bluff, deflect their terror, and render them harmless to you.

Many people will agree that one of the biggest indignities they suffer is having to deal with the IRS. Of course, most of all, the IRS hurts our pockets. Fortunately the IRS can be defeated, as happened in the landmark case mentioned above.


You have Sovereign Individual Rights when it comes to taxes. What if you honestly can conclude in good-faith, based on expert legal advice and U.S. Supreme Court decisions, that *you personally* have no obligation to file returns and pay income taxes?

Of course, everyone should obey the law. Anyone who is liable to file and pay income taxes should do so. But what if *you personally* come to the good-faith decision that such statutes do not apply to you?

What we mean, in part, by Freedom Technology is practical methods by which to live free. What if there exists a proven, lawful method for you to be free from many taxes?

Many freedom groups through the years have offered information on tax freedom. Some of the methods advocated, while interesting, probably are not always effective. We believe the Reliance Defense Method, properly applied in good-faith, is the most effective tax freedom strategy yet devised. It is based on U.S. Supreme Court decision such as Cheek v. U.S., 111 S.Ct. 604 (1991). The Cheek decision says, in pertinent part: "If the defendant had a subjective good-faith belief, no matter how unreasonable, that he was not required to file a tax return, the government cannot establish that the defendant acted willfully." The Reliance Defense Method is covered in extensive detail in our new report #TL16G by Don Sovereign.

Most people can probably save 1000's of dollars per year with this method. Some people can likely save tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Now, it should be noted that all actions you take must be in good-faith. This means you should never call yourself a "tax protester" or say that you don't have to obey the law; these statements would demonstrate bad faith. You do not challenge the right of the Legislature to pass tax statutes and regulations. But, if after (1) getting advice letters from licensed attorneys and CPA's and (2) studying U.S. Supreme Court decisions yourself, you come *personally* to the honest, good-faith subjective belief that *you personally* are not required to file and pay, this method has proven bulletproof (!) -- when properly applied.

The most important element of the Reliance Defense Method is that you must have at least one letter from an attorney, licensed at the time of writing this letter. In general, appellate courts have held that reliance on an attorney's professional advice (or U.S. Supreme Court decisions) absolutely shows good-faith as a matter of law. Our new report contains a listing of attorneys and CPA's willing to write such opinion letters for you, *personally*.

If you would like to know the bottom line of why this method is so bulletproof effective even though the tax man hates it: If you truly in good-faith believe, based on expert legal advice that you don't have to file, then it doesn't even matter whether it was a reasonable belief or not! You beat the IRS hands down because ALL YOU HAVE TO SHOW IS THAT YOU *HONESTLY IN GOOD-FAITH BELIEVED* THE EXPERT ADVICE. Obviously this is bulletproof effective -- all you need to learn is HOW to study and obtain advice such that you might be able to reach and hold such honest good-faith beliefs.

Such studying and obtaining advice is a brilliant application of Individual Sovereignty that you can apply right now. The methodology meshes perfectly with Terra Libra's emphasis on personal power in which you exercise your own personal solutions, rather than try to change the beliefs of others. After all, all that matters for *you personally* to use this method is that you develop a good-faith *personal belief* concerning the tax man. And the real bottom line is that it works!

You simply cannot afford to miss out on this breakthrough application of Freedom Technology! To find out how to defeat the IRS, purchase the following tax reports:

[We have deleted the reports and related info. If you really want to spend the next few years as an all-expense paid guest of Uncle Sam you can contact the below # about purchases, etc. We're sure they'll be happy to send you a complete list, etc. -- staff]

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