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* Specific Details *

! Read & Understand Before You Join !

Membership Term: Membership is valid for One Year from time of payment though we might extend it. We have moved to an annual subscription membership so that we can focus more time developing, creating, improving, and updating member benefits. However, we'll contact you by e-mail before the end of your membership term so you can renew at the then current price, and provide you with information to unsubscribe.  

Privacy Policy -- Member information of whatever sort is subject to the Library's standard privacy policy: ANY INFORMATION SUPPLIED TO US IS TREATED CONFIDENTIALLY AND WILL BE RELEASED TO NO ONE WITHOUT YOUR EXPRESS PERMISSION UNLESS ORDERED BY A COURT OF LAWFUL JURISDICTION OR OTHERWISE REQUIRED BY VALID LAW.   The only exception is that we reserve all rights to use or reprint e-mails (especially really dumb ones) however we want, but ONLY after they're altered to protect the sender's identity.   In addition:

  1.  Credit card & ECheck payments are handled entirely by PayPal, the world's foremost E-Commerce processing firm. We don't get or want your card # or other such personal info.
  2.  We don't use cookies to track you, watch you do s*x... or whatever the damn things are for.   The downside (besides us not watching you do weird stuff) is that you may have to log-in every time you leave the GoldCard area and try to return.
  3.  We'll only e-mail you when your membership's about to expire or if there's some major Program related news.   We won't send you daily or hourly newsletters and spam like too many others do... and if we ever have a regular newsletter you'll have to request it.

* Guarantees & Disclaimers *

General -- Although we try to insure that all GoldCard materials and representations are on the up-and-up We ONLY Warrant That None Are Intentionally Fraudulent or Unlawful.   Otherwise, there's No Guarantee made or implied about the accuracy, currency, usefulness, functionality, safety, toxicity or anything else in, near, related to, arising from, or connected in any way with the Library or the GoldCard Program.   USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

This means that if you use any element of the GoldCard Program for whatever purpose, and due to our completely negligent and idiotic - but unintentional - error you're embarrassed, imprisoned, bankrupted, flunked, deported, divorced, molested, castigated, outcast, inbred, crucified, sickened, beaten, excommunicated, drowned, abducted by aliens, ridiculed or elected to high public office --Do Not Bitch To Us About It!

3rd Party Offerings -- While we think that any goods/services produced or offered by others are legitimate we have no control over them, so We Cannot and Do Not Endorse or Warrant Their Usefulness, Availability, Reliability or Anything Else Concerning Them In Any Way, Shape or Form.
! CAVEAT EMPTOR !   (FYI, we get no $ for 3rd parties' inclusion in the Program or your use of their basic benefits.)

Refund Policy -- It's really very simple...


  • If there's Fraudulent/Illegal use of your credit card or other pmt method;
  • If Our Substantive Representations are False or Misleading to normal people; or,
  • In Exceptional Cases like being struck blind or dying immediately after you join .

Reasons like these DO NOT qualify:

  • I didn't read/understand the Program information;
  • I won't try to learn how to correct a download problem;
  • It didn't end my problems, win my case, make me a lawyer;
  • I don't like the answer you/other benefit provider gave; or,
  • Just because I want it (and other similarly obnoxious bushwah).

Finally -- Before you join the GoldCard Program Please MAKE SURE You Read, Understand and Agree to the Above Information.   We tried to make everything as simple, clear and complete as we could, so DO NOT e-mail us about what any of it means. If You Don't Understand or Accept Something, DO NOT JOIN!

* Join Now *

PayPal makes it easy to pay the $30 Membership Fee by Credit Card, ECheck or Bank Transfer.

  1. Press the button below -- it'll take you to PayPal, the World's Leading On-Line Payment Service -- and their entire secure process should take only a few minutes.
  2. When you've finished the simple process and the payment's accepted you'll be automatically returned to our Welcome Page that has everything you'll need to access the GoldCard Members' Lounge.

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