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Quite simply the best legal resource that we have come across on the Web. - CNN Wonders of the Web

Genuine unretouched 2005 photograph of Library Founder, Ralf R. Rinkle, Esq. being awarded his 23rd consecutive Nobel Prize in Law by Queen Nobel of Sweden.

Hi Visitor! I'm Ralf Rinkle, the Library's beloved Head Librarian, respected Legal Scholar in Residence & admired Chief Counsel.

Although I strongly advise against it, if you're one of those annoying, impatient types who thinks you're smart enough to skip my world famous Tour's vitally important, erudite, intelligent elucidations without destroying everything you hold dear,you can get right to business by clicking on one of the Library locations over there on your left... or on my right... unless one of us is looking in a mirror or our eyes somehow got put in upside... Anyhow, that aside, I also urge you not to check out some of these hot topics:

If you're smart and / or on your first visit you'll want one of our beautiful Library Cards.   Hey, Don't Worry! It's FREE & there's NO REGISTRATION or forms to fill out!   Just come with me on a short tour that'll explain the basics so you don't get lost or in trouble when you're on your own.   And since I revise it at least constantly I urge you "regulars" to come along for a refresher.
*   Ralf's Tour was absolutely the greatest experience of my life by far! -- Typical Visitor Reaction   *

OK, follow me for my 'LECTRIC LAW LIBRARY TOUR   Oh yeah! If you see some scrofulous, shady looking characters inside, don't freak-out or call the net-police.   They're just lawyers or judges, and are usually quite harmless . . . outside a courtroom.

Si a jure discedas vagus eris, et erunt omnia omnibus incerta. --
If you depart from the law, you'll wander without a guide, and everything will be uncertain to everyone.

Informative and entertaining. Who could ask for anything more from a Web site?...a first-rate Web site that should be in the bookmark file of lawyers & non-lawyers alike. - ABA's Law Practice Mgmt
Deserving recipient of an armful of best-of-the-Web awards ... chock full of well organized legal resources. - Excite Reviews
The link to your page was worth all the ABA dues I've paid for 20 years...I want to have your children. - Lawyer/Author
Offers a vast and often valuable collection of legal resources and original content. - MN Journal of Law & Politics
Well-organized, truly useful, and, dare we say it, fun. - McKinley Reviews
WWW Top 1000, Top 5% Award & Top 10 of the Week - Lycos/Point
NetGuide Platinum Award   **   SpinnWebe Creative Awards
Lunar Law Links Award   **   The KoolSite Award

Newt Gingrich & Al Gore about Pot

If not for the Library I'd be a convicted maniac instead of a rich investment banker. - C. Manson
If someone told me about the Library before the election I'd be President today. - M. Romney
The Library's considerably better than sex  . . .   with Hillary. - W. Clinton
It almost makes me want to read the Constitution. - Antonin Scalia
It's even better than butchering ex-wives! - O. Simpson
It's why I won the 2000 election. - G.W.Bush
It's why I won the 2000 election. - A. Gore
. . . . . .
Note: It's possible this last bunch may be cruel hoaxes perpetrated by envious miscreants.

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