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About The Internet Law Library


The Internet Law Library is the work of many hands. A special thanks should go to the folks at Personal Library Service, Inc. (PLS) for allowing us to house the Law Library on their machine for all of calendar year 1995 when the Law Library was still a demonstration project. Also, a grateful thanks is extended to the participants in the following listservs, who have played a key part in identifying the material that now makes up much of the Library:

  • AIL-L (artificial intelligence and law)
  • AIROLIX (Internet Resources of Legal Interest Exchange)
  • ALAWON (American Library Assn Washington Office Newsletter)
  • AnaheimEdProg (American Assn of Law Libraries Convention)
  • ANZ-Law-Librarians-One (Australia and New Zealand Law Librarians List)
  • Assoc-L (Associates: Electronic Library Support Staff Journal)
  • BayouDoc (Bayou Area Government Documents Discussion Group)
  • BMR-L (Bryn Mawr Classical Review and Bryn Mawr Medieval Review)
  • CalDoc-L (California Depository Library Government Documents List)
  • CALL-L (Canadian Assn of Law Libraries List)
  • CCNotify (Constitutional Court decisions of South Africa notification)
  • CNI-PubInfo (Coalition for Networked Information, Access to Public Information Working Group)
  • CoGoPub-L (Colorado Government Documents List)
  • ComLaw-L (computers and legal education)
  • Computer Law Report
  • ComputerSupport-Law (computers in law schools)
  • COSELL-L (Consortium of Southeastern Law Libraries List)
  • Counterserve (Counterpoint Publishing Company)
  • Court-Web-L (court WWW services)
  • CTI-Law (computers and legal education)
  • Derecho (law resources on the Internet, primarily in Spanish)
  • Digital Dispatch (c|net weekly newsletter)
  • DoxNJ (New Jersey Government Documents Forum)
  • EdPolyAr (Education Policy Analysis Archives)
  • EDUPAGE (information technology news from the EDUCOM (now EDUCAUSE) consortium of colleges and universities)
  • EFF's Guide to the Internet updates (formerly The Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet updates)
  • ELaw-J (Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law)
  • EPA Internet Newsbrief
  • Euro-Lex (All EUROpean Legal Information EXchange List)
  • FedLib-L (Federal Library and Information Center Committee's FEDLINK Library Network News)
  • FedRef-L (Federal Reference Librarians Discussion List)
  • FlaDocs (Southeast Documents Librarians)
  • FutureNet updates
  • GILS (Government Information Locator Service)
  • Global Information Infrastructure Awards
  • GovDoc-L (Federal Depository Library Government Document Issues)
  • GovPub (local and state government information on the Internet)
  • GPLLA-L (Greater Philadelphia Law Library Assn)
  • Gutnberg (Project Gutenberg)
  • HALL-L (Houston Area Law Librarians List)
  • High Court of Australia Email Judgement Service
  • Hungary-Report
  • Idea-Hampster (Internet ideas)
  • Illinois Court Reports Summaries
  • IMall-L (Internet Mall updates)
  • Info-Policy-Notes (Taxpayer Assets Project)
  • Internet Legal Practice Newsletter
  • Internet-on-a-Disk (public domain electronic documents)
  • Int-Law (international law)
  • IPress (electronic journals about the Internet)
  • IslandPress-L (Island Press and Eco-Compass ecological newsletter)
  • Java World e-mail alert
  • JOL (Journal of Online Law)
  • juriNet-L (University of Montreal Law School Internet services)
  • JustInfo (Justice Information Electronic Newsletter)
  • Law-Europe (European Law)
  • Law-France (practice of law in France)
  • LawJobs-L (law job postings)
  • Law-Lib (law libraries and librarians)
  • LawLibRef-L (law library reference questions and issues)
  • Law-Public (Public and Constitutional Law)
  • Lawsrc-L (Internet resources on law)
  • Law-Tag (hypertext legal materials)
  • Law-WWW (U.K. law academia and the World Wide Web)
  • LEA (Law and Economics Abstracts)
  • Legal-Listowners (administration of law-related listservs)
  • Legal-Webmasters (administration of law-related World Wide Web services)
  • LIIBulletin (Legal Information Institute Bulletin -- summaries of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions)
  • LII Bulletin-NY (Legal Information Institute New York Bulletin -- summaries of recent New York Court of Appeals decisions)
  • LIS-Law (EEC and UK legal information sources)
  • LLNE (Law Librarians of New England and Assn of Boston Law Librarians)
  • LLSDC (Law Librarians' Society of Washington, D.C.)
  • MichALL (Michigan Assn of Law Librarians)
  • MN-Govt (Minnesota Information Policy Office announcements)
  • NBNews Editors Choice Awards (formerly NBNSOFT Content Awards Ejournal)
  • NCC-Gopher-News (National Cancer Center (Tokyo) gopher announcements)
  • NetGuide Now! (new services on the Internet)
  • Net-Happenings (new items on the Internet)
  • Net-Lawyers (Internet in the practice of law)
  • Netscape World e-mail alert
  • Netsurfer Digest (NS-Digest)
  • NetWatchers Cyberzine (legal developments in cyberspace)
  • New_FedWeb_List (Federal Webmasters list)
  • New York State Education Department Office of Telecommunications Policy, Analysis and Development gopher announcements
  • NNews (Network News -- library and information resources on the Internet)
  • NoCALL-L (Northern California Assn of Law Libraries List)
  • NYSDoc (New York State Documents Discussion Group)
  • Private LawLib-L (private, state and county law libraries)
  • RareGems (thought provokers)
  • RLGLaw-L (Research Libraries Group law library list)
  • Runeberg-List (Project Runeberg)
  • SAGAR-Journal (South Asia Graduate Research Journal)
  • SCALL-List (Southern California Assn of Law Libraries)
  • Scout-Report (information sources on the Internet)
  • SeAALL-L (Southeastern Chapter of the American Assn of Law Libraries List)
  • SNELLA-lib (Southern New England Law Librarians' Assn)
  • Sofcom Newsletter
  • Squib (Counsel Connect electronic newsletter)
  • SWALL-L (Southwestern Assn of Law Libraries List)
  • TechLink (news about CMP Publishing's TechWeb server)
  • TLTP-LawOfScotland (Law Courseware Consortium of Scotland)
  • TXDXN-L (Texas Documents Information Network)
  • UK Index Mailing List
  • UNT-LPBR (Law and Politics Book Review)
  • Weekly Bookmark
  • WestPac-L (Western Pacific Chapter of the American Assn of Law Libraries)
  • ZD Net Update (Ziff-Davis Internet newsletter)

Thanks are also extended to the contributors to the following print publications who provided design suggestions as well as identifying some of the material that now makes up the Library:
  • American Photo
  • AmLaw Tech
  • Boardwatch
  • Business 2.0 (formerly net (Image Publishing, Inc.)
  • Byte
  • Connect (absorbed by .net)
  • Creating Killer Web Sites: The Art of Third-Generation Site Design by David Siegel
  • Cybernautics Digest
  • CyberSurfer
  • Databased Web Advisor (absorbed by e-Business Advisor)
  • Dr. Dobb's Sourcebook
  • Educational Program Handout Materials (American Assn of Law Libraries Annual Meeting)
  • Environment & Internet
  • How to Use the Internet for Legal Research by Josh Blackman
  • HTML Sourcebook by Ian S. Graham
  • Info To Go
  • Internet
  • Internet Business (formerly Internet Computing and formerly ZD Internet)(absorbed by other Ziff-Davis products)
  • Internet Connection
  • Internet, Java, & ActiveX Advisor (formerly Internet Advisor and formerly Internet & Java Advisor) (absorbed by e-Business Advisor)
  • Internet Law Researcher
  • Internet for Lawyers: A Workshop (Legal Times and Counsel Connect)
  • Internet Lawyer
  • Internet Newsletter: Legal & Business Aspects
  • Internet Today (formerly Internet and Comms Today) (absorbed by Practical Internet and Internet Access Made Easy)
  • Internet Underground (out of print)
  • Internet User (absorbed by other Ziff-Davis publications)
  • Internet Voyager
  • Internet Week (CMP)
  • Internet Week (Phillips) (now ISP Business News)
  • Internet World (weekly edition) (formerly Web Week and the monthly edition of Internet World)
  • Java Developers' Journal
  • Java in a Nutshell by David Flanagan
  • Java Report
  • Java Unleashed by Michael Morrison et al
  • Law Practice Management
  • Law Technology Product News
  • Lawyer's Guide to the Internet by G. Burgess Allison
  • Leader's Legal Tech Newsletter
  • Legal Information ALERT
  • Legal Resources via the Internet
  • Marketing Your Law Firm on the Internet by Josh Blackman
  • Microsoft Visual J++ Informant (formerly Web Informant) (absorbed Web Publisher)
  • .net (Future Publishing Ltd.)
  • .net Directory (absorbed by Connect, which was subsequently absorbed by .net)
  • NetGuide (absorbed by Windows Magazine)
  • NetLife (out of print)
  • NetUser (absorbed by other publications from Paragon Publications)
  • NetVote by Ben Greenman and Kristin Miller
  • New Media
  • Online Access (out of print)
  • OnTheInternet
  • PC Computing
  • Pocket Tour of Law on the Internet by Michael Gross
  • Proceedings of the Annual Federal Depository Library Conference
  • Programming Perl by Larry Wall and Randal L. Schwartz
  • Serving the Web by Robert Jon Murdy
  • Sys Admin
  • Techshow: The Convergence of Technology and the Legal Profession (American Bar Assn)
  • Using JavaScript by Mark C. Reynolds et al
  • Virtual City (out of print)
  • Web (absorbed by Wired)
  • Web Developer (absorbed by Internet World)
  • WebMaster (replaced by CIO WebBusiness)
  • Web Now (formerly I-way) (absorbed by Practical Windows)
  • WebServer
  • Web Shopper 2000 (out of print)
  • Websight (out of print)
  • WEBsmith (absorbed by Linux Journal)
  • Web Techniques
  • Women'space
  • World Wide Web Directory (absorbed by other publications from Paragon Publishing publications)
  • Writing Java Applets by John Rodley
  • Yahoo! Internet Life (formerly ZD Internet Life)

Thanks to the folks at WebTechs for providing free access to their HTML Validation Service.

Thanks to Stephen Turner for providing free access to his Analog WWW server log analysis software.

Thanks to Gerald Oskoboiny for providing free access to his lynx-me Lynx validator.

Thanks to the folks at SafeSurf, the Recreational Software Advisory Council, and Vancouver Web Pages for providing free acces to their PICS (Platform for Internet Content Selection) label generators.

Thanks to NetMechanic for providing free access to their GIFBot image optimizer.

Thanks also to Aland Anderson (Alan Anderson Stamp Store), Joaquim Baptista (New University of Lisbon), John Beck (InReference, Inc.), Clayton L. Coleman (Coleman Electronic Services), Marios D.  Dikaikos (University of Cyprus), Jan Oskar Engene (contributor to the FOTW Flags of the World website), the Flag Institute, Royal Frazier (INTERcoNnEcTions), Mario Frick (Liechtenstein News), Gopi Garge, GeoCities, Gibson Grafx, Howard W. Gordon (American Immigration Lawyers Assn), Philip Greenspan, Bill Haddican (University of Guadalajara), Richard Hudson (University of Arkansas, Fayetteville), the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Public Information Office, Brian Lieb (Wyoming State Government), Gregory Luneau (Internet Solutions, Inc.), Fabian Martinez (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador), Emmanuel Martinoli (Assn de soutien a un referendum libre et regulier au Sahara occidental), Warren McCall (British Columbia Ministry of Small Business, Tourism and Culture), Daeron Meyer (Center for the Computation and Visualization of Geometric Structures at the University of Minnesota), Hany Negib, Steven E. Pinson (Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Fish and Game Division), Marko Puljic (Napredak On-Line), Slaven Radic (ArtArtArt Directory), Randy D. Ralph (Guilford Technical Community College), Mitch Rice, Dara Sales, Gerry Seager (Penny Hill Press), Mark Sensen (contributor to the FOTW Flags of the World website), Sonya Shooshan (and her colleages at the National Criminal Justice Reference Service), David Siegel (verso), Art Sorensen (Government of the Northwest Territories of Canada), Sean Sweeney (International Gallery of Art), Anthony Thyssen (Griffith University), Horace Vallas (hav.Software), Christopher J. S. Vance (Australian Defense Forces Academy), and Dan Umstead (Oneida Indian Nation) for giving permission to use images from their Internet servers.

Thanks to the U.S. Naval Observatory Directorate of Time for access to their Running Master Clock.

Thanks to A1C Richard Harris, webmaster of Bolling Air Force Base for permission to use the U.S. Air Force Band rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner (838 kilobytes).

And last, but certainly not least, thank you to The Lawyers' Guide to the Internet, The Internet Lawyer, the Regan/Davey Survey,, Point Survey, Law Practice Management, Lycos,Environment & Internet, the Magellan Internet Guide, NBNSOFT, the Scout Report,Law Information ALERT, the A#1 Quality Directory, Internet Law Researcher, Net Guide, Law Resources via the Internet, Virtuocity, Infoseek Guide, Yahoo! Internet Life,the WWWorld Ribbon Award, WebCrawler, Excite, the NetGiver Award,Lunar Law Links,Eye on the Web, RaD Graphics and Web Designs,BPEG, Walking the Internet, LionArt Productions, Online Access, A Pocket Tour of Law on the Internet, PC Novice Guide to the Web, CyberHound's Web Guide, Microsoft Bookshelf Internet Directory, Great American Web Book, How to Use the Internet for Legal Research, the National Information Infrastructure Awards Program, the Horizon Awards, DePaul University Libraries,The Internet Newsletter: Legal & Business Aspects, the Médaille d'Or for Web Site Excellence,Washington Web,The Legal List: Research on the Internet, the Law Library of Congress, Leflaw, and the Quiet Revolution 5-Star Awards Committee for their words of encouragement.

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