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Ralf r Rinkle, Esq.
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Hi, its me, Ralf, again.   From the tour.   You know, the Head Librarian?   The Boss?   The one in charge of everything?   Remember?

I just want to let you know that due to extremely complicated technical problems the Astoundingly Wonderful Website you are attempting to visit will be closed for a few days.

What problems? Um... Its awfully complicated and technical... Its um... Its the electricity... Yeh, the electricity... It's pretty complicated but it got stuck inside the little wires and started going the wrong... um... ah, you know about sunspecks... spots... spots... that's it... one of the sun's spots fell off and someone forgot to close the window and the little bugger bounced off... ah... um...

Well, actually, the problem is that that lunatic brother of mine, Randy, locked this door to the site and stuck the key somewhere, and since before he went into a kinda coma from ingesting, imbibing and inhaling some suspicious substances all he would say was - 'wow, look at all the colors' - we have to wait till he regains what passes for his consciousness.

Ouch!! ... What? ... Don't be ridiculous. Of course my hand isn't stuck in the keyhole. I'm just checking to see if my damn brother hid the key in there. So scram! This is very delicate work. Go and do something useful instead of standing there grinning at me like some schmuck.... Beat it!

Oh, by the way, before you go, you don't have any soap or oil or something else slippery on you, do you??


Important Message from the Library's Staff

Dear Patron,
    Our alleged Head Librarian got a little carried away above. The fact is that the Link you clicked on is only meant to show you an example of a Directory Listing feature. We apologize and will correct this unintentional oversight soon. (Assuming that Ralf stops hassling us long enough to be able to do anything.)

Thanks for your patience.
--- The Library Staff

p.s. You should also be aware of the possibility that the person pictured above may not be Ralf.


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