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How's The Library Structured?
What Kind Of Materials Does It Have?

A 'Lectric Law Library FAQ


The Library's official URL - http://www.lectlaw.com - its literal "homepage," is THE ENTRANCE which has a short welcome, some excerpts from reviews, a little weirdness, and links to "Ralf's Library Tour" - an introductory overview of the Library with important hints, warnings and cautions - and to "The Rotunda."

THE ROTUNDA is the equivalent of a typical site's "homepage," briefly describing and linking to all the Library's primary locations which, in alphabetical order, and with a cursory description, are:

* THE BOOKSTORE - Law Related Software for Free Download;
* THE FORMS ROOM - Professional, Business and General Forms;
* THE INNER SANCTUM - Library Info, News, Announcements, FAQs;
* THE BUSINESS LAW LOUNGE - Items of Interest to Business People;
* THE LAYPEOPLE'S LAW LOUNGE - Things for Regular Folks, Consumers;
* THE LEGAL PRO'S LOUNGE - More Specialized, Harder-Core Legal Info;
* THE NEWS ROOM - Current (used loosely) Events, Laws and Cases;
* THE PERIODICAL READING ROOM - Articles, Newsletters, Fringe Group Stuff;
* THE REFERENCE ROOM - 30+ Topic Areas, 2000+ Term Dictionary, Link to Law Links;
* THE RUBBER ROOM - Jokes, Weird and Bizarre Law Stuff;
* THE STUDY OF LAW STUDY - Research Guides, Course Outlines;

Many areas link to the Library's search engine and to more focused sub-areas.



The internet has grown a little since the material below was written in mid-1995. So, while the gist may still be valid, some specifics aren't -- it's only kept here intact for historical purposes (whatever that means). But don't fret! Our Head Librarian Ralf's Library Tour is almost current, covers the subject in more depth, and even includes a beautiful Library map. . . . So please take the damn thing!


We try keep our collection eclectic so while there's some stuff mostly of use to people involved in the legal profession, we also have lots for folks who have, or are starting, a business, but mostly we have material that just about everyone might use at one time or another.

And, if you haven't noticed, we tend towards the irreverent. We're tired of endless hours at boring law sites and, like many people, believe that if it ain't fun -- forget it! But there's no vicious or malicious motives here... so if you see something that makes you furious, don't kill us, sue us, or call the thought police (and above all, don't contact us about it since we don't care); realize it's meant as good natured parody. (Of course, as psycho/sociopathic psychotics, we won't reveal our true diabolical motivation instilled in us by our glorious leader, Ralf, aka Beezelbub.)

A few of the items in our collection are especially useful things which we mirror from other internet sites, some are from other sites which we edit, format or otherwise alter to hopefully increase its usefulness, and then there's lots of things that can't be found anywhere else on the internet.

The easiest way to find out what we have is to explore. However, a few of the Library's resources found nowhere else (we think) on the net are:

* Court case filings (Topical Reading Room)
* Our Lawcopedia (Reference Room)
* The 9th Circuit's Standards of Review (Law Professional's)
* Law School Course Outlines (Study of Law Study)
* Legal Forms (Form Room)
* Legal Software (Bookstore)
* Nevada Corporate Law (Law for Business Lounge)
* The Eclectic 'lectric Law Review(tm) (Periodical Reading Room)
* Ralf, our Head Librarian (who knows where he'll pop up)
* and lots more... here already and on the way.

We want the Library to be the most interesting and useful legal resource on the internet - and from what people tell us we think we've made a good start. After all, we're only a few months old.