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Equal Housing Opportunity
[Rental Company Name Here]

[Address Here] Date and time application received

[City, State, Zip] ___________________________


Application to Rent


(Please complete all items) Monthly Rental Amount: $_______________ Move-In date: ____________________

Property Address: _______________________________________________________________

Applicant________________________________ SS#: ______________________ Birth Date:_________________________

Daytime Phone Number:___________________________ Driver’s License #/State: ________________________________

1) Email address___________________________________ 2) Email address______________________________________

For Identification Purposes Only: Name and age of other persons to occupy unit:

________________________ ________________________ ________________________ _________________________

Current Address: _____________________________________ City: ______________________ ST____ Zip:____________

Current Landlord/Mgr. ______________________________ Phone:________________ How long?________ Rent________

Why are you moving? _____________________

Previous address: ___________________________________ City______________________ ST__________Zip__________

Previous Landlord/Mgr. _________________________________ Phone:______________ How long?______Rent$________
Have you ever been evicted? Yes____ No ____ Been sued by landlord? Yes _________ No__________

Filed Bankruptcy? Yes___ No ___ Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense? Yes ___ No ___


Applicant’s Employer: __________________________________ Address: ________________________________________

Local Phone Number: ____________________ (to verify income) How long? _________Job status FT ____ PT ____

Job Title:________________________________________________________

Applicant’s Take Home Pay: _________________ Other Income: _________________ Source: _______________________

Previous Employer:_____________________________________ Address:________________________________________

Phone Number:_____________________ (to verify income) How Long?_____________ Job status FT _____ PT ____

Job Title: ___________________________________________________________________

Applicant’s Take Home Pay: _________________ Other Income: _________________ Source: _______________________


Bank: _________________ Branch: ___________ Savings #: ___________________ Checking #:______________________

Savings/Loan/other:_____________________________ Branch: _____________ Account:______________

Installment Payment to: ____________________________________ Monthly Payment: ______________

Car Payments to: _________________________________________ Monthly Payment: ______________


Name: ___________________________ Address: ______________________________________ Phone:________________

Name: ___________________________ Address: ______________________________________ Phone:________________

In case of emergency notify:

Name: _______________________________________ Relationship: ______________________ Phone: ________________

Automobiles: Type: ______________________________________ Yr ____________ License #: ______________________

Type: ______________________________________ Yr ____________ License #: ______________________

All other vehicles/boats: ____________________________________________________________

Pets (type, weight, and number) ____________________________________________________________

(Note: deposit increases by- $1000/pet over 25 lbs. $500/pet under 25lbs.- if pet is acceptable-no pets less than 2 years old)

Tell us about your pet: Type/Breed_________________ Size/Weight___________ Age_______ Spayed/Neutered________

Type/Breed_________________ Size/Weight___________ Age_______ Spayed/Neutered________

Do you own: Water filled furniture?: _____________ Piano/organ?: ______________ Aquarium?: ___________


1.Tenant screening or consumer report consists of:

a) credit history of seven (7) years, including credit standing; (Trans Union 1-800-556-9311 or Equifax 1-800-685-1111)

b) public records, including but not limited to judgements, liens, evictions and status of collection accounts.

income verification; and /or

c) current obligations and credit ratings

d) criminal records

2. Applicant has the right to dispute the accuracy of any information provided to the landlord by a screening service or credit reporting agency

3. I am aware that an incomplete application may cause delays or result in denial of tenancy.
4. A [$ AMMOUNT] "Applicant Screening Charge" is a nonrefundable payment, for the purpose of processing the application. If the vacancy is filled before screening the applicant, or a screening is not conducted for any reason, the applicant screening charge will be returned to the applicant within a reasonable time. If an application for a rental agreement is declined in whole or in part on a tenant screening service or consumer credit reporting agency, the landlord shall notify the applicant of that fact at the same time the landlord notifies the applicant of the denial. Also at that time the landlord shall notify the applicant of the name and address of the service or agency. The landlord will not discuss specific reasons for approval or decline of the application.
5. I certify the above information is correct and complete and hereby authorize you to make any inquiries you feel necessary to evaluate my tenancy and credit standing (including, but not limited to credit checks). If I have applied to rent a condominium, I hereby authorize the Condominium Management Company and/or the Condominium Board of Directors to make any inquiries they feel necessary to evaluate my tenancy and credit standing (including, but not limited to credit checks). If I have applied to rent a condominium, I also authorize you to share any information you have obtained regarding my tenant screening with the Condominium Management Company and/or the Condominium Board of Directors. I agree to forfeit $45.00 of the application charge if I do not rent the unit after my application is approved. If my application is denied by Residential Property Management, Inc., the Condominium Management Company, or the Condominium Board of Directors, I will receive a refund of $0 from the application charge. Application valid for up to two weeks from the date of receiving by owner/agent.
6. Upon receipt of the Rental Application and Applicant Screening Charge, landlord shall conduct a search of public records to determine whether the applicant or proposed tenant has been convicted of any crime within the previous 10 years. A conviction for any felony or any misdemeanor which involves theft, dishonesty, assault, intimidation, drug-related or weapons charges shall be grounds for denial of the rental application.
7. It is important that the prospective landlord or property manager be provided with information regarding my tenancy with current or former landlords/property managers, credit history, employment history and any criminal history records. Bemrose Consulting, Inc. will be providing information as stated above.
8.Prior Agreements. This document and the Rental Screening Criteria on the attached pages is the entire, final, and complete agreement of the parties pertaining to the Application to Rent and supercedes and replaces all written and oral agreements heretofore made or existing by and between the parties or their representatives insofar as the Application to Rent or the Rental Agreed Premises are concerned. Applicants understand and agree they are renting the property in an "as is" condition, and that no further cosmetic work is scheduled at the property.
9.Applicant acknowledges receipt of Rental Screening Criteria included in this Application to Rent.

___________________________________ _____________

Applicant’s Signature Date

Any co-applicant 18 years of age or older needs to complete their own application


We are working with our owners to maintain the quality of the homes we manage. To this end, we have a very thorough screening process. We offer application forms to everyone who inquires about the rental. An application must be completed in full by each resident 18 years of age or older. Multiple applications for a specific property or unit will be processed on a date and time basis.

The first complete application(s) taken will be processed and if approved, any secondary applications and all unprocessed screening fees will be returned. We do not allow any type of business to be operated out of the homes we manage. We will not hold a home until it has been viewed by at least one of the applicants who are going to occupy it and we have received all occupant's complete application forms and Applicant Screening Charges. We will not hold a home if you have additional questions or special requests, until applicants and landlord are in agreement regarding those questions and/or special requests. Smoking is not allowed in any of the homes we manage."No pets" means no living creatures of any type or size, including but not limited to goldfish, hamsters, reptiles, dogs, cats, ferrets, etc...


1. A complete and accurate original application with phone numbers will be required. (Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant).

2. Applicant must show two pieces of identification. One must include a photograph.
3. Each applicant will be required to qualify individually. Income requirements are cumulative . Each applicant must submit a separate application and screening charge.

4. Applicant must be able to enter a legal and binding contract.
5. Incomplete, inaccurate or falsified information will be grounds for denial.
6. Any applicant currently using illegal drugs or reporting a conviction for the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance will be denied.

7. Any individual who may constitute a direct threat to the health and safety of an individual, the complex, neighborhood or the property of others will be denied.

8. An application that is insufficient in both Credit and Rental Requirements shall require an additional security deposit equal to 50% of stated rental amount, over and above any other security deposit or additional security deposit required.

9. The total security deposit required will be that of the least qualified applicant.
10. The denial of one applicant will result in the denial of the entire group of applicants.
11. Attitude and demeanor during the application process will be considered.


1. Monthly household income should equal 3 times the stated monthly rent.
2. One year of verifiable employment history shall be required.
3. Two current paycheck stubs from the employer will be required if we are unable to verify income over the phone. Verifiable income or liquid assets equal to 3 times the total annual rent will be required for unemployed applicants. (Verifiable income may mean, but is not limited to: bank accounts, spousal support/child support, trust accounts, social security, unemployment, welfare, grants/loans). Self employed applicants will be required to show proof of income through copies of the previous years tax returns. Self employed applicants will be verified through the state. A recorded business name or corporate filing will be sufficient to meet verification of employment.

4. If applicant does not meet income standards, application may be denied.
5. Application will be denied if the legal source of income cannot be verified.
6. If a co-signor is accepted, their monthly household income should equal 5 times the stated monthly rent. We will only allow one co-signer per home.

1. One year of verifiable rental or mortgage history from a current third party is required. Home ownership is verified through the county tax assessor. Mortgage payments must be current. Home ownership negotiated through a land sales contract will be verified through the contract holder.

2. Any rental history demonstrating residency, but not third party rental history, may be reason for denial.
3. Any rental history reflecting past due rent or an outstanding balance due to damages or late charges will be denied.
4. If a landlord gives a negative reference or refuses to give a reference, the application will be denied.


A credit history showing no negative reports is required. A negative report is any item 60 days past due or greater, collections, repossessions, liens, judgements, or garnishments. Negative credit will result in additional requirements with the following guidelines:

1-2 items of 60 days past due or greater, collections, repossessions, liens, judgements or garnishments will require a total security deposit equal to one months rent less $25.00.

3-5 items as above will require a total security deposit equal to 1 % months rent less $25.00.

6-8 items as above will require a total security deposit equal to 2 months rent less $25.00.

9 or more items will result in denial of the application.

A bankruptcy in the past year shall be reason for denial.

Outstanding past due debt greater than $10,000 shall be reason for denial.

Each application will be screened with a search of public records to determine whether the applicant has been convicted of, or pled guilty or no-contest to any crime. A conviction, guilty plea or no-contest plea, for:
a) Any felony, or any misdemeanor involving serious injury, death, rape, sex crimes and/or child sex crimes, extensive property damage, or drug related offenses involving the sale, manufacture, delivery or possession with intent to sell.

b) Any misdemeanor involving arson, assault, intimidation, sex crimes, weapons charges or drug related offenses not including sale or manufacture of drugs, where the date of disposition, release or parole has occurred within the last seven years.

c) Any misdemeanor involving theft, dishonesty, prostitution, and related violations [CITE LAW HERE] where the date of disposition, release or parole have occurred within the last three years

Shall be grounds for denial of the application. Pending charges for any of the above will result in a suspension of the application process until the charges are resolved. Upon resolution, if an appropriate property is still available, the processing of the application will be completed. No property will be held awaiting resolution of pending charges.


If your application is denied due to negative and adverse information being reported, you should:

2. If credit related, contact the credit reporting agency listed on the denial letter to:
a) Identify who is reporting unfavorable information
b) Request a correction if the information being reported is incorrect
If your application has been denied and you feel that you qualify as a resident under the criteria set out above, you should do the following:

Write to our:
[Equal Housing Opportunity Manager]



Explain the reasons you believe your application should be re-evaluated and request a review of your file. Your application will be reviewed within 7 working days from the date your letter is received and you will be notified of the outcome.


[COMPANY NAME] allows existing premises to be modified at the full and complete expense of the disabled person if the disabled person agrees to restore the premises (per fair housing guidelines) at their own expense to the pre-modified condition.

We require:

*The applicant to seek the landlord’s written approval before making the modifications.

*Reasonable assurances (in writing) that the work will be performed in a workmanlike manner.

*Reasonable details regarding the extent of the work to be done.

*Names of the qualified contractors that will be used.

*Appropriate building permits and the required licenses must be made available for inspection by the landlord.

*A deposit for the restoration may be required.

We prorate rents on a 365 day basis only (rent x 12months divided by 365 days). Once an applicant has been approved for a property, security deposit funds MUST BE RECEIVED IN OUR OFFICE WITHIN 72 HOURS to continue holding the home. The security deposit must be paid with cash, cashiers check, or money order. We also require the security deposit receipt be signed at the time deposits are accepted. We can hold an empty house up to two weeks from application approval, and applicant must begin paying rent and pay the cleaning fee within two weeks of application approval.



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