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Rent or Lease Security Deposit Refund

[Street Address] [City/State/Zip]

One of the myths surrounding rental life is that regardless of how clean and good condition the [Apartment/House/Condo] is when you move, the landlord will keep your deposit. We do not do business that way. In fact, we want you to leave the [Apartment/House/Condo] clean and in good condition so that you can get your deposit back quickly and we do not have to make arrangements to clean and repair the premises (our cost to make these arrangements is $____ per hour). Remember that the [Apartment/House/Condo] must be very clean, which is what you expected when you moved in.

Before you begin, find the following items: pine cleaner, Comet, Easy Off, wood oil, sponge, paper towels, bleach, gloves, wire brush, floor wax, broom, and mop (of course a similar type of product can be used instead of the brand names). Call to arrange for a professional carpet cleaner. Remove the drapes and have them dry cleaned.

1. The first thing to do is to pull the knobs off the range, remove the metal filter from the range exhaust fan and lift up the range top to remove the burners. Place these in the bathtub to soak in hot water and pine cleaner while you clean the rest of the [Apartment/House/Condo].

2. Clean range, including top of and inside oven. Lift the range top around burners and clean the inside of the range where the burners drip. Spray all greasy areas with Easy Off and let sit for 15 minutes. Use gloves and a metal brush to scrub off the grease. Clean oven, including top and inside of oven, overhead hood, fan and filter.

3. Clean the outside and inside of all cabinets with a sponge and pine cleaner. Oil the cabinet wood. Yellowing on the kitchen counters can be removed with bleach.

4. Shampoo carpets - professionally. We have found that the do-it-yourself machines do not effectively remove dirt. If the carpets aren't clean and the stains removed, we will have to redo them and charge you for them. We use __________________________________ and the cost is about $___ plus extra for stains. Their phone number is ________________________.

5. Wipe windows and mirrors clean. Use a window cleaner.

6. Remove fingerprints, marks, dust and cobwebs from panelling, walls, and the door and window sills.

7. Wash ceiling and wall light fixtures with pine cleaner.

8. Dry clean all curtains, wipe all miniblinds.

9. Clean sinks with Comet and countertops with pine cleaner.

10. Scrub with pine cleaner and wax kitchen and bathroom floors.

11. Clean toilet with Comet. Clean cabinets. Scrub out tub and tub wall areas. Remove all mildew - use chlorine or a similar product.

12. Sweep and wash the patio.

13. Remove all trash.

14. Repair any holes or damage to walls and ceilings.

15. If applicable, clean your storage space(s).

16. Clean your parking space(s) and remove any oil stains.

17. Repair any other damage.

18. At the time of inspection, all utilities must be working in order that all electrical and gas appliances can be inspected.

19. Deliver all items of Inventory listed in your Agreement.


[Fict./dba/Owner Name]
[Rent Address]


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