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A highly advanced, future-of-the-art, search gizmo developed by the Library's Technology Experts in Residence, Ralf & Randolf Rinkle, PhDs.
(with a little help from Google)

Note: Everything about the 'Looker-Upper' is Highly Classified, Extremely Confidential, Very Secret, and of Utmost Importance to the Universe's Security and Continued Existence.

Normally, even those hearing rumors that it exists seem to coincidentially fall victim to 'misfortune' (The Taliban, the Kennedy boys, Jimmy Hoffa, the Branch Davidians, the Challenger crew, Bob Hope, Nichole Simpson, Elvis, the people of Bopal, Princess Died, Ma & Pa Menendez, Lee Harvey Oswald, President Harding, Czar Nicolas, and Bambi's mother) -- to name just a few.

However, if you Promise not to tell any Commies, Iraqis, Nazis, Texans, Women, Lepers, Christians, Republicans, Jews, Penguins, Men, Zoroastrians, or anyone else that is - or might become - our enemy, we've made arrangements to let our beloved Library visitors in on

Its Top Secret Details.

Here are some Tips to help your looking:

1. We Strongly Suggest that you explore the Library by "foot" before using the Looker-Upper because... Oh hell, the explanation is too complicated... We just do.   (The best places to start are probably our Rotunda or Reference Room.)

2. To find files containing the word weasel, type weasel;
  *  for files with both weasel and pickle, type weasel AND pickle;
  *  for files with the phrase insane weasel, type "insane weasel" inside quotation marks;
  *  to find neither weasels or pickles, type If I see anything about weasels or pickles, I'll track down Ralf and Randy and rip out their clavicles.

3. Try to avoid using words that you'd expect to appear often in legal materials (e.g. law, court, lawyer, aardvark, etc.) since you'll probably get so many results that your brain will implode.



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