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Sex Related Laws & Cases

* Cats and dogs must have a permit to have sex in Ventura County, CA.
* Fairbanks, AK, does not allow moose to have sex on city streets.

* Sexual positions other than missionary-style are illegal in Washington D.C.
* It's illegal for a man to curse while having sex with his wife in Willowdale, OR.

* In Harrisburg, PA, sex with a truck driver inside a toll booth is illegal.
* Kingsville, TX, has a law against two pigs having sex on the city's airport property.

* Washington state has a law against having sex with a virgin... even on her/his wedding night.
* It's illegal to masturbate while watching two people having sex in a car in Clinton, OK.

* Nude sexual acts in the front yard of any home after sundown are illegal in Bozeman, MT.

Articles, Information & Weirdness

Sex & Law Worldwide News Review
We assume these are true since they're too weird for even us to make up.

ACCRA, Ghana (Reuters) - Ghanan newspapers report that angry mobs have lynched or beaten to death at least 12 self-proclaimed sorcerers over alleged Penis Snatching. The deaths stem from a scheme where the sorcerers touch men, then tell the victims their penises will shrink or disappear unless they pay for an antidote. Many victims seem to have little tolerance for this and take revenge on the spot.   The Inspector General of Police has ordered increased police patrols and vows to call in the army to maintain order if the crisis doesn't abate soon.   In addition, medical experts are trying to calm the panic by going on television to explain in detail why penises increase and decrease in size, but so far such assurances have been of little help.

Zimbabwe. (Reuters) - Prostitutes in Zimbabwe have raised their rates by 67 percent -- from US$2.80 to $4.60 per night -- and they are looking for countenance. Housewives should sympathize with us and I am appealing to them to urge their husbands to bring more money when they go to beerhalls, said a spokeswoman for the Prostitutes Association of Zimbabwe.

CAYENNE, Fr. Guiana (Reuters) - Jean Sylvain showed no remorse when sentenced to 10 years in prison for raping his 67-year-old mother. Sylvain has been convicted 27 times for other crimes.

SAYVILLE, NY. (AP) - Police arrested a pizza parlor owner for exposing himself to minors and asking them to initial his buttocks with a pen. Franco Pezzuto, 29, was jogging past a school when he approached more than a dozen boys and showed them a nude photograph of himself.   Immediately he pulled down his jogging shorts and offered between $20 and $30 dollars to the kids who would autograph his buttocks. Some children did just that, while others run away. One witness supplied the police with a partial license plate number and described Pezzuto's car. He was later arrested in front of his business.   He made statements to us but he couldn't come up with a motive, said Detective Lt. Alan Rosenthal.

HARRISBURG, Pa. (USA Today) - Michael Fulkroad beat up a man he found having sex with his girlfriend. He went to court and was sentenced to five minutes probation.

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP)-- A 16-year-old teenager was arrested and charged with raping a 1-year-old baby girl.   The baby was left by her mother in care of her two younger sisters and two other boys -- one of which was the 16-year-old.   When the mother returned she noticed the baby had bruises and was bleeding heavily. The baby underwent surgery at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center.   This is the worst case I've ever seen since I've been practicing, said Pediatric Surgeon, Dr.Faith Hansbrough.   The DA will most likely try to convict the teenager as an adult, which means he could face the death penalty.

JERUSALEM, Israel. (Reuters)-- An Israeli prisoner has sued the Prison Service over his right to have an inflatable sex doll in his cell.   The Israel's Supreme Court denied his request, and sided with prison authorities.   The Prison Service has argued that having a sex doll, inmate Amir Hazan, 35, could fool warders in an escape attempt, hide drugs inside the doll, or even cause inmates to fight over the doll.   I've been in jail since the age of 14. If they let me be with a woman, I would give up on getting a doll, said Hazan. He is serving a 10 year sentence for acts of violence.

JAKARTA, Indonesia. (Unknown) - Police have been looking for the Penis Biter for almost two years. During this time, at least five young schoolboys were the victim of the penis biter. The Penis Biter is actually a man who dresses as a woman.   He was arrested at a bus terminal in Kupang on the western half of Timor Island when his latest victim, a bus driver, screamed in pain after his penis was bitten by the man.

HOUSTON, Tx. (AP) - A 46-year-old man was arrested on charges of molesting a 12-year-old and her 10-year-old sister.   He is also believed to have impregnated his own daughter at an early age, and then the resulting 12-year-old granddaughter.   The man denies everything. Police and social workers are investigating.

PORTLAND, Me. (AP) - Maine's highest court reversed a previous conviction of a man accused of sexual abuse. Mohammad Kargar, an Afghan immigrant, claimed he kissed his 18-month-old son's penis as part of a cultural tradition.   Kissing a son's penis is a very common tradition in Afghanistan, associated with showing love for the child. I feel much better now. I'm happy. My family is happy, said Kargar.

HONG KONG. (Reuters) -- Chan Moon-sum, 36, was sentenced to three years in jail after he knifed his lover. Chan claims that his lover had a big appetite for sex and he couldn't handle it anymore. Every night she asked me to make love to her three or four times and I couldn't take it any longer, said Chan.   Chan, a father of two and a married man, worked as a cook. His lover, Tsang Yim-lam, is also married.

PARIS, France. (Reuters) - While burglarizing a home, an anonymous man was shocked to find video tapes containing child sex and decided to mail them to a police station.   The homeowner, Michel Chretien, 48, faces 10 years in prison if convicted.

PATTAYA, Thailand. (Reuters) - Police have arrested a man and five women suspected of robbing tourists at this beach resort alleging that the women would invite visiting men to lick their nipples, which they had laced with drugs. When the men passed out, an accomplice would rob the unconscious men.   At least 45 tourists have died of drug overdoses at the resort in the past year, all apparently as a result of the scheme.

MILAN, Italy. (RAI UNO TV) - Dressed in traditional wear, boys and men of the small town of Bagolino end their yearly carnival with squeezing and touching each other's testicles.   While the men spend the entire day walking the streets touching genitals, the women prepare special porridge-like meals shaped to resemble large testicles.   Villagers consider testicles to be sacred explaining the words 'testsimoniare' and 'testimone' (to witness) derive from the latin word 'testis' (testicle). When their ancestors were called as witnesses they were usually asked to 'swear' on their most sacred things, most often this being their testicles.

ROCHESTER, Mn. (AP) 39-year-old Mark Allan Nelson has been arrested for distributing obscene videotapes of himself having sex with farm animals after a local woman loaned her videocassette recorder to a friend who returned it with the sexual videotape inside.   The woman called police who later arrested Nelson. A search of his residence revealed several more videotapes which clearly showed him engaging in sexual intercourse with cows. Nelson was charged with two misdemeanor counts for distributing obscene materials and one misdemeanor for bestiality.   Nelson admitted he had sex with farm animals (but insisted it was the animal's idea).







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